The terms 'Link Value' and 'Link-back page' used in the article represent the following:

a.) Link Value: Link value is the value that is passed on by an inbound link in terms of
  • Page Rank Passage
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • Direct Traffic
b.) Link-back page: Page that has the in-bound link

There are many factors apart from PR of the 'link-back page' that determine the quality of an inbound link. The following are the some of the most important factors out of them:

1.) Content/Theme of the Link Back Site

The content/theme of the 'link back' site should either be, vertically or horizontally related. Inbound links from horizontally related sites carry the highest value. Horizontally related sites are sites that have similar themes and vertically related sites are sites that have themes that are in-relation to each other. Like for instance,

2.) Location of link on the site

a.) Content/Resource Page Links present on content/home page get more value than those present on resource pages.

b.) Folder and File Level The file level is another factor that plays an important role in determining the link value. The lower the 'file level', the higher the value of link. A link from a page present at the root level carries a higher value than a link from a page present at 'level-1' or higher.


http://www.example.com - Index page
http://www.example.com/file.htm - root level page
http://www.example.com/folder1/file.htm - 1st level page
http://www.example.com/folder1/folder2/file.htm - 2nd level page

In reference to the above example, a link got from homepage is of top importance followed by a link got from a 'root level page'. The link value reduces as the page level increases. A link got from a 2nd or higher level pages will have very less value.

c.) Number of Clicks from Homepage

Links from pages that have a direct link from the homepage (1 click from homepage) carry more value than pages that are 2 or 3 clicks away. In-fact, pages that are 3 clicks or more away from the homepage are seldom picked up by the robots and get very less value.

3.) Number and Quality of Backlinks

The value of link increases based upon the quality and quantity of links pointing to the 'link back page' and the 'homepage' of the 'link back' site. Let's look into this in detail using the following example.Assume that we have an inbound link from the following page:


Now, we need to do the following backlink checks: link:http://www.example.com -example.com ('backlink of link back site')
link:http://www.example.com/page.html -wdxcyber.com ('backlink of link back page')

The first check gives you the total number of links pointing to the website's homepage. This value is '494' and a rough look at the links present on the SERP Page tells us that the links are of good quality and related. There is also a link from the Yahoo directory. The SERP of the second check tells us that the 'link back page' itself has 14 good direct inbound links making this a strong page. So the 'link value' passed from this page will be high.

4.) Total Outbound Links present on the 'link page'

The lesser the number of outbound links present on the 'link page' the more the link value. A 'link page' having more than 40 - 50 outbound links will pass little or negligible value to those links.

The following depicts the number of links and the value passed:
  • Less than 10 links - Good
  • 10 - 20 links - Average
  • 20 - 30 links - Fair
  • Above 30 links - Bad

5.) Location of the link on the 'link page'

The location of the link on a link page also influences the 'link value'. Links located on the header section of the site get the highest value and the ones located at the footer, get the lowest value. The following depicts the value based on the link location presented in descending order:
  • Header Panel
  • In-text Content Panel
  • Left Panel
  • Right Panel
  • Footer

6.) Outbound link quality of the 'link back page'

Link back pages that give links only to highly related sites pass more value to those links than those which link to unrelated sites. Pages giving links to casino and porn related sites could get penalized resulting in little to zero 'link value' passage.

7.) Other Factors:

Static/Dynamic pages: Static pages/pages having static URLs, pass more value than dynamic pages. In many cases, dynamic pages are never crawled properly resulting in low PR passage.

Framed/Non-Framed pages: Framed pages are not crawled properly by robots and hence the link receives lesser value.

Age of the Link: The value of a link increases with the duration of presence. A link present on a page for 1 year gets more value than a link present on the same page for 1 month.

Age of the link page: Links from older pages fetch more value than links from freshly added new pages

Importance level of the page as per 'Google sitemap': Webmasters using google sitemap are allowed to rank pages based on the level of importance. Links from pages that are ranked higher fetch more value. Cache Status of page: Important pages are crawled regularly by Google. You can check the cached status of a page by using the command: cache:example.com